Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

Most people in the world have their neighbors and they inadvertently affect each other both negatively and positively. I deem two main affectionate qualities of neighboring people. First, respecting each other is one of the qualities of a great neighbor. Second, supportive neighbors can help me whenever I need them. To begin with, a good characteristic of neighbors is to respect their adjoining people. Respectful neighbors make our lives easier. In addition, they also help to reduce conflict between neighbors by catering to each other’s needs. The researchers at the interpersonal relationship laboratory observed preference on neighbors of ordinary citizens. The researchers surveyed 200 ordinary people living in a village. They asked about their desiring characteristics of their neighbors. Many features have been mentioned, as such a humorous or generous neighbor. However, the result came out to be the thoughtful neighboring people who take their neighbors’ needs into consideration. The majority of them have said, they seek to have considerate adjoining people because can have a fewer struggle. Not only that, but they can also support each other’s differences by tailoring for the requirements each other. This research shows that being thoughtful is one of the properties of ideal neighborhoods. Last but not the least, helpfulness is the trait of a good neighbor. There are many emergency moments in our lives. To solve the moments, we need help from others. To be specific, neighbors can be the ones who can assist us to overcome the situation. From my personal experience, I had shared my house with my best friend named Saoirse. One day, I found her being fainted suddenly in the bathroom. I found myself being shocked and terrified as it is the first time to see a human lose their conscience. However, my phone was missing. Therefore, I had no choice but to run to the neighbor’s home. One couple was living near us. They readily came to my house and aided. The husband was a famed doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with a heart attack and did a further measure to help her. On the other hand, the wife called the emergency car imminently. Consequently, my roommate could be cured of the damaging disease thanks to the immediate help of the neighbors. To summarize, there are two main traits of neighbors that I take into consideration. Not only a delicacy but also supportive neighbors are the essential quality of neighborhoods.
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