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Many people think that playing games are a good way to build closer relationships. I agree with that opinion for the following two reasons. The first reason is that playing games teach children how to manage the problems that competition causes, and secondly, playing games as adults can help people with networking. First, playing games together teaches children how to compete in a healthy and constructive way. Competition is an important aspect of life as we must always compete against other people during our education, in our professional lives, and in our personal relationships. Competing can cause anger and disappointment which can lead to fighting and hurt feelings that damage relationships. By playing games, children can learn to manage the emotions that come with competition in a constructive way. This experience will help them later in life when they need to compete in real-life challenges. So, playing games with others helps children to learn good ways to compete and leads to closer relationships. Second, playing games together as adults can help people to expand their social networks. For example, when my friend moved to a new city, he did not have many friends outside of work. So, he decided to join an amateur baseball league. He really enjoyed playing with his teammates, and he met many people from opposing teams. Then, he began to grow tired of his current job. He discussed that with his teammates, and his story spread through the league. Many players on other teams understood his problems, and some of them even recommended positions within their own companies. Soon, he found a new job that made him much happier. So, because he had played games with his league members, he was able to build stronger relationships within his social network and find a new employer. In conclusion, I believe that playing games together is a great way to build closer relationships. I think this because playing games teach children about acceptable forms of competition, and because playing games provides adults with an excellent way to network with others.
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