Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Universities have to take into consideration some main decisions about the proportion of their funding in each field. Some people might voice their thought that universities should give different amounts of money to students’ sports activities as they give to their university libraries because universities need to gather many resources for their students’ tasks. I, however, definitely agree with the statement. First, there will be a broader choice of students’ sports activities. Second, students can relieve their stress by playing sports. To begin with, wider options for the kinds of sports will appear. Nowadays, more and more people try new activities. Therefore, it is quite worthwhile to play various kinds of sports. In 2021, the sports laboratory carried out a survey with 200 university students. They asked the subjects whether their universities should invest in buying more books or gyms so that they can play various kinds of sports. Thus, roughly 89 percent of the students had chosen the latter. The main reason for their choices is that by putting the same money on students’ sports activities as well as the school library, students are enabled to play not only in a better quality of gym but also new kinds of sports. When heterogeneous kinds of sports appear students will be able to experience new sports. This survey shows that students seek to play various kinds of sports. Last but not the least, students are able to get rid of stress by having sports activities in tandem with. University students particularly get the most stress from their daily lives by studying. Yet, most doctors recommend university students work out to reduce or relieve stress. For example, since last year, my university has initiated to give the same amount of money to their library and gyms. Actually, the university used to give more financial support to the library. The size of the gym was cramped that it could not accommodate many students. Even if the students wanted to exercise in the gym to relieve stress, it was unable to accommodate all the students. However, these days, the gym was renovated into a much bigger place. Not only that, more kinds of sports emanated. Therefore, the renovation thanks to more financial support, I and my friends can not only enter the gym freely but also can play sports according to our needs. Consequently, students are pretty satisfied with the change and are relieved from stress. To summarize, I firmly agree with the statement. Students can enjoy various kinds of sports but also can be released from stress.
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