Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is very crucial read book to get diverse information and knowledge. Personally, I believ4 that first reading book is amazing and makes me more curious than that of second reading. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following subsequent paragraphs. First of all, when we read book at first time it would make us curious, since we do not know all about what is written inside the book. If we know already all about content, we may feel boring to read further. The first reading of a book makes us concentrate on the content, from which we might able to absorb theme of the whole body. I have a compelling example of this from my own real-life experience. Last month. I read a book, the mastery, written by Robert Gonski, and It makes me more intriguing when I read first time. I was able to conclude the whole book when I finished first time. The book reveals the tactics used by expert people in their field and they had recognized what they have inside. After that, they had had hard work doggedly. Then I tried to read that book again at that time I felt bore and even I could not complete it. So it is good to read precisely first time than that of reading again. Secondly, iif we read book only once, it saves our precious time. We could use our moment to read other books from which we would grab varieties of knowledge. If we read a book only first time at that time we could not feel monotonous and we can hold much knowledge inside our brain. Furthermore, If we read book only one time, we get more free time and we would other books book through which we can gather many pieces of information and ideas, which plays a vital role in our daily life. I always read any book once with being conscious, so I am able to read many books with i9n a year which enhances my ken. In conclusion, reading book first time is interesting because it makes us curious, and also saves us valuable time and we could read any book.
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