Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

For most, watching television plays an important role in their life. Some people might think that television has destroyed communication among friends and family because watching television, people only concentrate on a story of the program without communication. I, however, disagree with the statement that statement. First, a lot of topic issues that came from television make people communicate actively. Second, by watching emotional programs, people can improve their own understanding ability. First of all, discussion matters can increase via television. These days, many trending topics such as abuse child problems are coming up in this world. As these issues are serious issues, you should be more concerned about them. Fortunately, television, which is already widespread in our life is one of the best media not only to connect with topical issues but also to communicate or discuss with friends and family. More specifically, two years ago, due to each other’s characteristics, my family was fairly quiet every time when we met. However, last year, my parents bought a new television. Surprisingly, although I thinking that television will make my family less communicate, it formed extremely active communication between my family. At that time, if my parents have not bought the television, my family’s relationship had equaled with two years ago. Second, empathy ability will be formed by watching television. Nowadays, most well-known friends have an abundant understanding ability, which means the ability is one of the important parts of a relationship between friends. This is because, if people have plentiful empathy ability, they can share and touch not also mine but also other’s emotions. In addition, most of the ability is gained when they watch television. Logically, according to from 2019 to 2020 Oxford University statistics, the more people who get understanding ability from television increased by 78.6percent, the more people who can make friends through communication increased by 67.9percent. Moreover, television makes bonding relationships deeper. To sum up, I firmly disagree with the statement for the reasons that I have mentioned above.
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