“Some people like to do adventurous and difficult jobs at their work or school while others prefer to do easy work. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.”

Both the reading and the lecture are about the Substituted fuel, Ethanol, for gasoline. however, the author claims that the advantages of Ethanol are less than its disadvantages, the lecturer casts doubt on the main points made in the reading for several reasons: First of all, according to the reading, ethanol releases carbon dioxide as same as gasoline, therefore it would not bring any benefits to the environment. on the other hand, the lecturer says that ethanol is made of plants that absorb carbon dioxide for their growth and products. for instance, corn is one of the plants that is used to produce ethanol and it absorbs carbon dioxide. secondly, the author of the reading argues that manufacture of the ethanol caused reducing in the plants for other applications. for example, if we used most of the corn for producing ethanol, we would not have enough fuel for domesticated animals like cows to feed on corn. nevertheless, the professor explains that cellulose is the main source for providing ethanol that can be found everywhere, in plants that do not have any usage, such as grass. finally, the author of the reading indicates that producing ethanol costs much more money than gasoline. although, with the support of the government, the price is the same as gasoline for consumers. in contrast, the introducer illustrates if ethanol were sold on a large scale, it could return a good percentage of the cost for its production. consequently, its price will be reduced.
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