If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

It is only fair that citizens hope for any changes in their city. Some people might hope their government to improve gym systems for their health. I, however, completely build more restaurants if I have an opportunity. I feel these ways for two reasons and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs To begin with, restaurants can help create stronger family bonds. Most people want to spend special days with their family members. In 2021, the department of home affairs carried out a survey with 200 people. The researchers asked them what place do they want to consume their time with their family. Consequently, 80 percent of the subjects have answered restaurants. They have collectively answered that restaurants are the best place to celebrate with their families because the families can form deeper relationships with their family thanks to no distractions. However, there is no appropriate family restaurant to visit with my family in my town. For example, my family had to go to another village. It was not only far but also have stolen a lot of time. Last but not the least, restaurants are the appropriate place to have a proper meal. Almost all modern people tend to skip or miss their meals due to their busy lives. For example, I work for a trading company in my town. Therefore, my company assigns numerous tasks for each employee. Indeed, I as well as my companions do not have enough time to prepare my meal box before I go to work but to have a proper meal but I need to have the energy to work with integrity. Therefore, most workers in my company mostly go to restaurants in other villages to have their lunch including me. In fact, there is no proper restaurant to have a light meal. My town noticeably needs restaurants for workers. To summarize my points, I would completely choose to build restaurants in my village. First off, restaurants let families get along closely. Second off, citizens can have a proper meal as well as light meal to save their time in restaurants.
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