People in society work in many different settings, and for a variety of reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people have jobs? - to save money for the future, - to develop new skills.

Work is a basic need and an important activity for humans in modern social life. Work has a very important role in life, in general, cooperation is as important as other areas of life. Someone who works as part of a life role has a positive relationship with important organizational variables such as job satisfaction and participation in decision making. First of all, this concept examines the general results sought through work as well as the relative interests of individuals mentioned in the 6 typologies of the meaning of work, namely: status and prestige, need for income, spending time, desire to interact / contact, service to society, interest and satisfaction. Individuals usually make an evaluation of the importance of their income based on their perceptions, knowledge and experience of earning through their work life practices. Second, someone assesses the importance of a work goal because they have sufficient knowledge and are familiar with each of these goals and then rank them according to the level of importance / urgency. Work goals such as expression (variety, interest in work, and autonomy), instrumental (good pay), convenience (working hours and working conditions), and learning (opportunities to learn, opportunities to develop). Third, job identification is the degree to which people evaluate and identify work from their various roles and functions. Individuals understand their work roles through values ​​and make choices through cognitive processes for these work roles. The work roles include duties, organizational regulations, product and service regulations, professional roles, and the role of wages received from work. The conclusion is that work is something that is important, especially if you are pursuing a specific profession. Education can be the basis for gaining abilities and knowledge through learning and practice. Even so, there are also many people who can hone their skills without taking a certain education and abilities are no less important in the world of work. Therefore, both are important and worth pursuing before you enter the workforce. A high education accompanied by rich abilities and experiences is the best.
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