People in society work in many different settings, and for a variety of reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people have jobs? - to save money for the future, - to develop new skills

After graduating from school or college, as a young generation we must determine the direction of life. What are we going to do next, is it getting married right away? Continue parental business? Building your own business? Or work in a dream company ?? If the answer is working, why? There are many reasons behind a person's decision to choose to work at a company that matches their passion. first of all, arguably the most basic purpose of work is to earn an income or a living to live a decent life. Submit a nominal or amount of salary according to their respective abilities. As for the company, provide a salary offer according to the workload that the employee will do. second, there are employees who work to meet social needs by establishing work relationships. Employees with this purpose of working also consider that work relations are a long-term investment that is likely to be useful in the future. Employees like this are very happy to be able to build relationships and mingle with other employees who come from various backgrounds. Finally, with the above in mind, people save cash to benefit on their dreams or any cause that they have. I restate my opinion that most people work to put their cash in the bank. therefore, they use it in any way that they need or like.
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