If you could change one important thing about your hometown, what would you change? Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer.

For most, changing one important thing plays an important role in their life. If I have the chance about changing one important thing about my hometown, I would improve the Internet connection. First, by accessing the Internet easily, people can search information whatever they need. Second, improving the Internet connection is allowed for people to broaden social networks. First of all, people can gain information what they need via improving the Internet connections. These days, quality of the Internet connections can conclude the quality of each people’s achievements. This is because, most people gain information, which they need through searching the Internet. For example, two months ago, even if I had to submit my assignments that related with Great Depression until next week, my hometown’s the Internet connection did not work. Eventually, after my mother’s calling to the Internet connection company employee, my hometown’s the Internet connections was working smoothly also, I could search the information whatever I need and want. Surprisingly, not only I could finish and submit my assignment on time but also I got better results about my essay than past when my hometown had poor connections. Second, using the improved Internet, people can broaden social networks. Nowadays, people can broaden social networks widely regardless both countries and distances. In other words, the Internet is one of the important things that make people to broaden social networks because people can communicate each other easily through using the Internet. More specifically, according to the Oxford University statistics from 2019 to 2020, the more people who use the Internet increased by 78.6percent, the more people who have broaden social networks, which made by using the Internet increased by 68.9percent. Moreover, my friend Jessica also had so many friends who are made through Social Network Services. If my hometown also improves the Internet connections, people can make many friends and form a deep relationship with people from diverse backgrounds. To sum up, I firmly choose improving the Internet connections for the reasons that I have mentioned above. Is not it beneficial for you to improve the Internet connections?
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