People in society work in many different settings, and for a variety of reasons. What do you think is the main reason why people have jobs? - to save money for the future, - to develop new skills.

Maybe for some people, being considered unemployment is an embarrassing thing as well as the most uncomfortable thing to discuss. Of course, there are many things that underlie it all, from prestige to being uncomfortable when talking about work. Moreover, the one who invited to speak was someone who could be called a success in this matter. So here I really want to write down, how important work is for someone. Meanwhile, I myself am the most relaxed and ignorant person when it comes to work. First, work is very important for people who have a luxurious lifestyle and like to socialize, to be precise in demanding gatherings. It could be that the job he has is just for his term "styles." It's okay with a small salary, the important thing is that the job is to work in an elite and well-respected place. It feels cool to have a job that we can mention anywhere without embarrassment. Yes .. the demands of a lifestyle are so stifling than the cost of living alone. And we know that it has been around since time immemorial. There are many college graduates who are competing to find work in good and famous places, but not necessarily the salary is higher than an ordinary freelance who only works at home. But don't quit school because not all bachelor graduates become workers. Most of them are bosses. Until now I myself want to go to school again, but it's not for looking for a job so I don't want to ask questions that are difficult, especially in matters of religion and morals. Second, when talking about freelance, most of them become successful entrepreneurs who are quite famous in Indonesia and even the world. And some lists of young Indonesian entrepreneurs have even been looked at by other countries. All work is actually a collection of the mindset we have. I've read that the world is what you see. The world is what you imagine. So if we want to be a boss or mentally don't want to be employees, let's think about becoming a freelancer or an entrepreneur. It's easy to talk like that, it's not easy. But if you never try it, you won't understand and know. In conclusion, work was all about finding the best and most harshest for us to eat, even though it was a very small amount. Allah will give you the best and the relief that cannot be expressed in words. We will be much more sincere and carefree when giving up nominal money for a job that is not in accordance with the principles of life. We still have God who chooses the best work, we are not afraid of hunger hehe .. And in fact it is .. Just believe it .. continue to believe
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