Technology has made children less creative than they were in the past

When it comes to creativity, people tend to think that we are less creative than our ancestors. Actually, it is more difficult for us to make breakthrough. This is true for adults. So, how about children? From my observation, children are less creative, too. Comparing with my childhood, my nephews’ are boring and they seldom come up with new ideas. I believe that one of the causes is the development of technology. First and foremost, technology leads children to pay more attention to the virtual world rather than the real environment. We know that the nature environment benefits children’s creativity. Once children get involved in the nature environment, they will observe the new scenery that is totally different from their daily environment. This will inspire their creativity. I used to take part in a nature education project, which is designed for the urban children and aims at increasing creativity. Such a project is a compensation for the loss of the natural experience. However, this is far from enough. Besides, technology will deprive children of the ability to create. Take myself as an example. When I was young, there were not so many televisions and dramas. My friends and I would make up the characters we liked and play our own drama, which was a wonderful opportunity for creativity. Nevertheless, with the development of television technology, televisions become affordable for most families. There are so many dramas for children to choose that they will not play their own drama like what we did in the past. I know that most children will not be as creative as great scientists like Einstein. But technology development make creativity harder. We cannot barely blame the decrease of children’s creativity on technology. What we need to think is the degree to which we should expose our children on technology and how to minimize the negative influence of technology.
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