It is more important to have rules about the types of clothing people are allowed to wear to work and school. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Some people believe that rules should establish about dress on the basis of work and school. But others think that people should allow wearing clothes on the basis of their preferences. Personally, I believe that it is crucial to make a rule about the sorts of clothing individuals allowed to work and educational institutions. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will elaborate in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, this rule helps people feel equal while they are on duty. When people wear same uniform during duty hours at that time employees do not feel segregated and down, so their motive would high. If company allow wear as interests of worker, some worker will wear expensive and others will wear cheap one. At that time the workers who wear cheap one may down their motive and work efficiency may down. When all workers wear same uniform, no one could show their wealth to the company and all feel equal during their work hours, so all workers will have equal feelings and they could not hesitate collaborate with each other. Therefore their work speed also increases. For example, When I worked at a supermarket at that time all employees needed to wear same clothes and no one can perform their wealth on our duty, so we feel equal due to uniform. Secondly, It also prevents incidental injuries, since in some works are very dangerous for certain types of clothes. Companies which manufacture various products, which need high amount of energy, and they produce enormous heat, in these companies employees should not permit wear clothes which easily catches by fire. If employees wear some sorts of dress which easily catch up by fires, they will be in dangerous situation. So, rules about the clothing are very essential factor, while they are working. In conclusion, rules about uniform in the school along with companies plays a vital role to make sense of freedom and to prevent from impulsive consequences.
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