Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

the reading passage explains pieces of evidence providing that scientists had an opportunity to find a very old fossil of a dinosaur contained remains of the actual tissues of the animal. the lecture, however, claims that these discoveries are not animals' living tissues and come from other sources or minerals. the author describes that the insides of the leg bone of T.rex reveal blood vessels, red blood cells, and collagen. First, there are channels inside the bone that indicate the location of blood vessels. the presence of a soft, flexible organic substance can probably prove it. in addition, there are reddish sphere fields in the inner parts of the bone that can illustrate the presence of red blood cells associated with iron because they are the same size and color. finally, the test on the dinosaur leg bone showed that it contained collagen, and also the main biochemical material associated with bone tissue is collagen, a fibrous protein. the lecturer has a contradictory viewpoint, discussing evidence that these materials were replaced with minerals or came from other sources. First of all, the soft, flexible organic substance could be a result of the colonizing bacteria in bone hollows because they live behind the traces of organic material and they often left soft moist residue. furthermore, these iron field spheres are identically found in the same place in primitive animals which did not contain red vessels. therefore, they must have another origin rather than blood cells such as pieces of reddish mineral. lastly, this fossil lasts from 70 million years ago, although, studies showed that collagens are not last longer than 100000 years which indicates this collagen on T.rex bone maybe come from a much more recent source such as the researcher who handling the bone.
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