Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? For the successful development of a country, it is more important for a government to spend money on the education of very young children (five to ten years old) than to spend money on universities. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

the reading and lecture are both about a set of clay jars that had been excavated by villagers in Iraq. according to the archaeologist, the construction of this craft indicates they were ancient electric batteries. whereas the author of the reading disputes this idea, the professor casts doubt on the main points made in the reading by providing three reasons: according to the reading, the vessel found in Iraq could not be an ancient battery because there is no evidence of electricity conductor or metal wires near the located area, however, the instructor claims that they could be overlooked or turned away by villagers because these people were not an archaeologist and these crafts had maybe seen not important. secondly, this vessel and copper cylinders unearthed in the ruins of Seleucia are precisely similar and Seleucia people used copper cylinders as holding scrolls of sacred texts. consequently, it likely has the same usage and not for generating electricity. Nevertheless, the lecturer explains that copper cylinders were maybe used for scroll early but there is a possibility that ancient people of Iraq equipped this vessel with liquid and iron raws and adapted its usage for another purpose. finally, the author claims that battery and electricity had not any role in ancient times and they were likely useless and vain because there was no device to support electricity. on the other hand, the lecturer states that people could pretend to have magic power because touching the vessel given rise to tingling and shocking sensation, indeed, they could be used for stimulating muscles as a healing goal like modern medicine. in conclusion, although the reading and the lecture are about the possibility of usage of copper cylinders discovered in Iraq, The professor effectively challenges the three main points made in the reading, one by one.
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