“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is complex, young people should have the ability to plan and organize. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

in the present era, the life of people become more easy and comfortable due to introduction of sophisticated and amicable technologies. Some people believe that contemporary life is complex than that of previous generations. However, others believe that life in the present time is easy and comfortable. Personally, I believe that contemporary life is more complex and competitive, so young people should develop capability to make plan and arrange. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will elaborate in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, World is becoming challenging ever before, so capability of making plan and manage helps them to get better opportunities in the future. Technology and working system would change with time. If a person could not make plan, he may not get better job. We know, there was no computers and electric machines feasible 2/3 decades ago and many people were unaware about the manipulation of computers, so they could not make any plan how to use computer in their respective realm, so they lose their job. If they had developed capability of making plan and arranging time to learn computer, they would not have lose their job. In the modern time, more advanced and complex machines and technologies are available and coming. If young people ignore this fact and they could not make any plan to learn how to use and manipulate them they might not be able to make better life therefore able to make plan and organize is one of the integral parts of modern life. Secondly, capacity of making a vision and plan helps to develop leadership qualities in a person, since leadership quality plays vital role in moke prosperous company, society and country. When a person develops leadership quality then he can adjust every corner of the world. If a young person starts to make plan and runs with plan, he will be a humble and adaptable person everywhere. For example, When I was a child at that time I used to make plan for my study along with leisure time, which helped me to enhance my leadership, so I am a manager of a reputed multinational company. I am able to make better coordination with CEO and company staff. Also, I am using local materials for the production, which is completely my idea through which my community becomes prosperous and I am thankful I am able to make some contribution to my country. In conclusion, recent life is becoming more complex than ever before, so young people should have skill of making plan and manage, which helps them built better further career and also make them a responsible citizen of their country.
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