Cars (automobiles) have had a greater effect on society than airplanes have. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Transportations play a crucial role in people’s lives. Some people might think that cars have had a greater effect on society than airplanes have, which primally motivates people to conveniently move one place to another place. I, however, totally disagree with the statement that automobiles have had a greater effect on society than airplanes have for two reasons. Firstly, airplanes are more efficient in shortening travel time without congestion. Secondly, people can go on broader scope of trip. Most of all, people can lessen time cost on move owing to no traffic jam. It is commonly observed that world has tremendously developed as time passes by. Likewise, transportations are one of the most excellent developments. Above all, no transportations are more efficient than airplane. Back in university, friends of mine and I had planned to go to Pusan. The turnaround time to Pusan takes 4 hours. We took airplane and departed. As unexpectedly, we were able to arrive in Pusan for only 2 hours. Nothing disturbs airplanes on the way to Pusan as sky does not have any congestion or traffic jam. If we had taken cars, we would have not arrived in the place in time. Furthermore, range of travel is broader with airplane. People usually take airplane when they go abroad. Thus, people can not only go on a trip within the country but also go on a trip outside the country. To be more specific, Harvard University published a research result that people can widely travel with airplanes. Cars do have a restriction on traveling while airplanes nearly have restriction on movement. Cars cannot cross the seas, which is the main culprit of domestic travel. Conversely, airplanes use the course in the sky. Similar to airplane, ships can also easily go overseas with the course of seas; however, airplanes can much more effectively move people to outside the country with faster speed and excellent condition for flight. To summarize my point, there are no reasons to oppose that airplanes have had a greater effect on society than cars or automobiles have for two reasons I have mentioned up above.
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