Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

For most, reading a book plays an important role in their life. Some people might think that second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading because it is easier to understand the story of a book. I, however, disagree with the statement. First, you cannot have expectations about the next story. Second, reading a book just one time allows you to save time. First of all, second reading a book makes you already know about the next flaw. These days, most people buy many books because of interesting books such as Harry Potter released in this world. Actually, the main reason people buy a book is they wonder about the next flow or story of the book. However, by second reading, almost all of people are not able to expect the following steps. For example, two days ago, I went to the book store in order to buy a new book. I bought Harry Potter. Although the book was amazing, after my second reading I lose interest in the books due to I already understood and knew about the story’s flow. If I had read Harry Potter just one time, I could have kept the interesting feeling about the book. Second, saving time can possible if you read a book one time. Nowadays, most people live their life hastily. Therefore, while people should have to accumulate the knowledge that gains from the book, they could not do so. However, if they read a book just one time, they can save a lot of time and use that time efficiently such as preparing exams. According to 2019 from 2020 Oxford University statistics, the more people who read a book just one time 76.8percent increased, the more people who can save time and make good achievements via that time 68.9percent increased. Moreover, one month ago, my sister Jessica and I had an experience like that. By first reading, we could save time and we used that time by writing essays. To sum up, I firmly disagree with the statement for the reasons that I have mentioned above. Is not having expectations and saving time possible for you too through first reading?
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