Getting advice from friends who are older than you are more valuable than from friends who is same with you. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use specific reasons and examples for your opinion.

For most, getting advice plays an important role in their life. Some people might think that getting advice from same age friends is more valuable because they can share their detail emotions. I, however, agree with the statement that getting advice from friends who are older than me are more valuable than from friends who are same with me. First, older friends have experienced much events. Second, you can get abundant and accurate knowledge from older friends than same age friends. First of all, you can get valuable advice by getting advice from older friends who had much experiences. These days, almost all of people have their own problems at least one thing such as relationship problems. Sometimes, feeling lonely, people try commit suicide. People, conversely, through getting advice from older friends who had much experiences, they can get valuable solution, which even become the reason why they have to live. More specifically, according to 2019 from 2020 Oxford University statistics, the more people who have older friends who give valuable advices such as life lessons to their friends increased by 78.6percent, the reduced rate of suicide increased by 68.9percent. Moreover, the countries where increased the reduced rate of suicide also have increased the rate of happiness. Second, older friends allow you to get more valuable information from sources. Nowadays, since the research paper or assignments that came from their own professors or teachers are fairly difficult to solve themselves, many students drop the class or even they stop their whole school life. However, by getting advice from friends who are older than people, people can solve the problems easier. For example, two weeks ago, my astronomy teacher gave an assignment that related to Big Bang theory, which was fairly high level to my classmates. After falling in chaos, I had no choice but to go to my friends who are older than me because I had no idea about my assignment. Surprisingly, he not only gave advice to me about the definition of Big Bang but also helped and founded the papers’ sources from National Geographic journals, which is quite well-known to people. If I had gone to my friends who is same age with me, I could not have found the proper and valuable sources because my friends who are same age with me even did not know about the National Geographic journal. To sum up, I firmly agree with the statement for the reasons that I have mentioned above. Is not it valuable too you through getting advice from my and your friends who are older than you?
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