Because environmental issues are very complex, individual people can do nothing about them on their own. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

As time passes by, environmental issues have become more severe and integral issues. Some people might think that respective of people can do anything about environmental issues, which are very complex, on their own because one can make an organization which helps to improve in a great way. I, however, totally agree with the statement that individual people can do nothing about complex environmental issues for two reasons. Firstly, individual people seem impossible to develop environmental issues autonomously. Secondly, big groups are more efficient than individuals. Most of all, environmental issues are not easily solved by respective of people who are futureless. People call a person who does something which is almost impossible are said to “Throw straws against the wind.” On 20 September, a journalist, Justin Laurat, wrote an article on BBC News. The question was “Is the individual’s effort to stop climate change useless?” The answer was yes. The opinion of behavioral psychologist Professor Kelly Fielding well illustrates about the question. “We think we make our own decisions, but it’s an illusion,” says the professor. “In fact, people look at people around them to decide how they want to behave.” Simply put, the idea is that overall (most people) have a problem, but it is not my problem. Furthermore, people should struggle more of communities than individuals. It is commonly observed that bringing together is much more efficient than one person to improve the environment. According to 2917 BBC news, hundreds of companies or factories which produces fossil fuels emitted 70% of greenhouse gases in whole world. This evidence shows that organizations contaminate circumstances more than respective of people. Thus, groups or organizations, Green Peace and Forest and Sharing, should put far more effort on environments than individuals, as respective of people are reckless in developing the problematic environmental issues. To summarize my point, there are no reasons to oppose that respective people cannot do anything about environmental issues for two reasons I have mentioned up above.
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