Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People should not be allowed to use mobile (cell) phones when they use public transportation (e.g. buses, trains, and airplanes). Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

For most, using mobile phones plays an important role in their life. Some people might do not think that people should not be allowed to use mobile phones when they use public transportation because by using mobile phones, they can relieve their daily stress in transportation. I, however, agree with the statement. First, people cannot consider passengers around them. Second, people can prevent their health from a slight tremor. First of all, passengers can be interrupted by people who use mobile phones. These days, although mobile phone use is prevalent in order to connect with others who are not beside them, sometimes it can make people cannot consider any passengers who around them in transportation. For example, two weeks ago, on a bus, I saw a man who spoke loudly with his mobile phones. He did not care about anyone, including me, which is very rude behavior. At first, I and passengers understood him but time passed we all got off the bus. If the bus had not allowed people to use mobile phones on the bus, passengers and I could have taken the bus more comfortably. Second, people can be damaged their health by using mobile phones. Nowadays, usual transportations have a worse environment rather than the usual car. More specifically, the tremor of transportations can affect people’s health like sight. According to 2019 from 2020 Oxford University statistics, the more people who use the transportations such as buses or subways increased by 76.8, the more people who have gotten worsen sight increased by 68.9. Moreover, today transportations’ environments more and more have deteriorated, which but also affect their own achievements in their school or company. To sum up, I firmly agree with the statement for the reasons that I have mentioned above. Is not it use mobile phones in transportation not only interrupts other people but also can be damaged their own health?
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