Avocados are considered as one of the advantageous fruit for the human being. Give the reasonable argument on this.

the reading and the lecture are both about the problem of declining frog populations. whereas the author suggests solutions for solving this problem, the lecturer thinks these solutions are not practical and refutes the main points made in reading by providing reasons: first of all, the author states that one of the main threat is pesticides which spread from farmland to frog habitats and attack frog's body. the author explains how reduce this harm by setting laws to confine the farmers to use pesticides near frog's habitat. the speaker, on the other hand, describes why this is not a fair idea. she refers to farmers near the frog habitats which they would lose many crops in compare to farmer in other lands if they didn't use pesticides, therefore this idea is not economical practical. secondly, the author explains why fungus is a major factor in frog population decline and has a deadly effect for frogs. The author offers treatments to kill the fungus and protect the frogs. however, the lecturer argues that capturing and treating each individual frog is difficult. further, we can not repeat the treatment for every new generation, therefore, this idea can not be applied in a large scale and costs a lot. finally, the author claims human activities and development cause treat to frog habitats such as wetland and water, so if we protected them, they would recover. in contrast, the lecturer discusses that global warming causes to disappearance of many water and wetland. in fact , we can not prevent of this changes which leads to frog extinction and other species.
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