Letting a friend make a mistake is better than saying or doing something that would destroy the friendship. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

For most, most people have respective friends, as they grow up. Some people agree that letting a friend make a mistake is better than saying what is wrong because it is both good for them and friends of them. I, however, disagree with the following statement for two reasons. Firstly, saying or alerting helps friends not to repeatedly make mistakes. Secondly, friendship is less important than continuous mistakes. Most of all, making a repeated mistake is prevented by alerting the problem. It is commonly observed that most people make mistakes living lives. In 1999, Harvard University conducted a research with 100 people. 75 percent of people did not have friends to alert the problems while other 25 percent of people had true friends who can admonish each other. 10 months later, the majority of 75 percent of people made the mistakes again and again, and failed to ground than 25 percent of people did not make the same mistakes anymore. This research well illustrates about the concept. Furthermore, continuous mistakes plays more important role in relationship. Most people do not want to destroy friendship. Back in high school, friend of mine, Maria, was a considerate friend. One day, she accidently made a quite big mistake that cannot be mentioned. However, no one even teacher did not try to ask her and alert the extreme problem. Therefore, she gradually became bad girl and went to the prison. Surprisingly, she committed suicide. If I had alerted and done something for her about the problem, she would not have gone to death. To summarize my point, there are no reasons to oppose that saying and doing something that would destroy the friendship than letting a friend make a mistake for two reasons I have mentioned above.
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