Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Some people like to do adventurous and difficult jobs at their work or school while others prefer to do easy work.

Living life, most people work to live. Some people prefer to do easy work because they do not want put in work or school. I, however, totally prefer to do adventurous and difficult jobs at work or school for two reasons. Firstly, people can feel achievement of completing works. Secondly, people can get ability to overcome problems through adventurous and difficult jobs. Most of all, sense of achievement drives people to continually work. It is commonly observed that if people complete a difficult job, they relatively feel more sense of accomplishment compared to completing easy work. To be more specific, Harvard University conducted a research with 100 people. 82 percent of people did challengeable works while other 18 percent of people chose to do easy and doable works. The majority of people had a hard time struggling with the difficult works; however, they were able to continue working at their company because they felt a great amount of sense of achievement through hard works. On the other hand, 18 percent of people dealt with hard works easily, which made them not to maintain their job for a long and steady time. Furthermore, people can get over problems with ease, doing hard works. The more people struggle with hard problems the more ability to overcome is obtained. To illustrate more specifically, back in university, I took a challenging course when I was just a freshmen. Naturally, the class was too difficult for me to take. However, I endured the hard works and tried to deal with the class. As time passed by, I gradually was able to handle the class. If I had taken an easy and doable course, I would have had a weakness for overcoming things which is hard to handle. Thus, I could solve and overcome hard things or problems continually. To summarize my point, there are no reasons to oppose that doing adventurous and difficult jobs at work or school is more effective for two reasons I have mentioned up above.
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