“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

It is controversial whether the second reading of a book is more interesting than the first reading. Some people might disagree with the statement because the second reading might be boring. I, however, completely agree with the statement. I feel this way for two main reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, readers will have a deeper understanding of the books. It is certain that by reading the same books two times, people understand the story better and get more details. For example, I had read a book named “Pride and Prejudice” more than once. When I first read the book, I found it hard to understand due to the quick development and dialects of the character’s tone. I almost renounced to read the book. Therefore, I had one more chance to read “Pride and Prejudice” because my teacher had recommended us to read. Surprisingly, I could read the book readily compared to the past. Moreover, I could get all the details that I have not gotten. I not only felt a sense of accomplishment for reading it again but also caught an important lesson from the book that we cannot have a deep relationship without any conflicts. On top of that, new experiences will be given to readers. Generally, the second reading brings us different experiences from the first reading. In 2021, the Seoul book laboratory carried out an experience with 200 students. The subjects were divided into two groups. The first group was required to read the same books twice while the second team read two different books. Consequently, the former team members could have different experiences what the second team did not have. Reading a book for the first time, people are inclined to be intrigued by the story and always looking forward to what happens next. On the other hand, if the people read the book again, they are likely to know what will happen in the book. Thus, the readers will be more focused on the thoughts and actions of each character. Following the results, the readers in the first group could get the main point and each character’s ideas. This experience shows that having a new experience while reading is not due to the first reading but to the second reading. To summarize, I utterly agree with the statement for two reasons. First off, the opportunity of full appreciation of books will be given to readers. Second off, readers can have found new aspects of books.
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