Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to spend time with family than to spend time at work. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Reading and lecturing are both about the challenges of sending humans to Mars. While the author of the reading book stated that the manned mission to Mars has various problems and is not easy to manned missions to the moon, this instructor disputes the idea by offering different solutions to the main problems in reading. Give: First of all, according to the study, the lack of food, water and oxygen supply due to long travel and limited transportation is one of the main problems that make the mission impossible, but the speaker describes the solution as hydroponic. Hydroponics is the growth of plant roots in water, not soil, which does not produce much load. It also has benefits such as wastewater recycling to purify water and release oxygen or fresh air by plants and food by growing crops. Second, the author of this study shows that zero gravity for a long time reduces muscle mass and bone density for astronauts. However, the lecturer argues that there are several ways to control the effect of zero gravity, such as regular exercise and the intake of vitamins and minerals. He also points to the long-term existence of spacecraft in Earth orbit to provide evidence. Finally, the author of the reading stated that Mars is not protected from dangerous sunlight. As a result, astronauts and spacecraft are exposed to dangerous levels of space radiation, and building a shield for the entire spacecraft can cause them to become overweight. On the other hand, the lecturer claims that the sun's rays sometimes become dangerous levels. He explains that the equipment used to detect the rising level of solar radiation for the alarm and build a small shelter protected in the spacecraft to block the sun, can solve the problem and does not provide much load!
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