do you agree or disagree , cars will not be used several years from now

the reading and the lecture are both about the unusual features of elephant behaviors. whereas the reading believes these behaviors are very fascinating and make elephants more captivating creatures, the lecturer contradicts this idea in the reading and describes the causes of elephant behaviors. first of all, according to the reading, Elephants are aware of approaching death. it explains that elephants leave their herds and most of the time they lonely go beside the water where it is called "elephant graveyards" and many bones of elderly elephants can be founded. however,the lecturer refutes this idea. she argues elephant teeth become more damaged as they become older, as a consequence, they break away their herds to look for softer vegetation that they can easily chew . these vegetations can be found near water, that's why elderly elephant graze there until die in "elephant graveyards". secondly, the author of the reading claims that elephants can paint by their trunk which can hold a paintbrush. their drawing such as flower,... indicate they can represent the world around them. Nevertheless, the lecturer disputes this idea. she states that the ability of the elephants for painting is only the result of the long run training them by humans. she explains that humans can train elephants by touching their sensitive ears in a certain way. they repeat this patterns and encourage them until they learn to paint. finally, the passage agrees with this idea that elephants are much more afraid of mice than wild and dangerous animals. on the other hand,the lecturer thinks this behavior is an instinctive reaction to an unfamiliar creature. she refers to elephants that live in zoos and they are familiar with mice, however,they are not afraid of mice!
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