smartphones harm the society. Do you agree or disagree.

Reading and lecturing are both about the conditions of asteroids for colonization. While the author of the book stated that creating human colonies to work on asteroids has different benefits over the moon and Mars, this teacher uses the negative points to argue about the main points mentioned in this idea: First of all, according to the reading, the low gravity of the asteroids facilitates the landing process for the spacecraft compared to the moon or Mars, so the spacecraft will be able to carry more equipment for deployment and use less fuel. However, the instructor explains the forms of low gravity that lead to a health problem for the astronaut. Loss of muscle mass and decreased bone density are the most important problems that astronauts will face in the long run. Second, this study claims that asteroids are a good source of raw materials that are relatively rare on Earth, so they have tremendous benefits by extracting these valuable elements and precious metals such as gold and platinum and sending them back to Earth. We will. However, the lecturer argues that the work of extracting these materials and sending them to the ground costs more than its profit, and in addition, the price of these materials decreases as a result of their supply in the market. Finally, the study says that asteroids are sometimes very close to Earth and easier to reach than our moon, so travel options are affordable. On the other hand, the instructor rejects this argument, explaining that the path or orbit that the asteroids pass through is very unusual, they may approach the Earth's orbit but suddenly move too far away from the Earth. In the end, the speaker challenges the main points in reading, they read them more theoretically than practically.
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