“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is unrealistic for people to expect to work for the same company or employer for all of their lives.”

It is controversial whether it is unrealistic for people to expect to work at the same company for the same employer all of their life or not. Some people might disagree with the statement because settling in just one company blocks employers from having various experiences. I, however, completely agree with the following statement for two reasons. I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs with two perspectives. To begin with, it is the only way that companies succeed in getting their own typical employees. People without any work experience can adapt to the companies easier. In 2021, the Seoul occupation laboratory carried out a survey with 200 companies. The researchers asked whether they prefer employees with work experience and without experience. The majority of the enterprises have chosen the latter. They have collectively replied that they can train workers more readily to match the particular requirement of the business. Moreover, old work habits developed in the previous companies are quite problematic in that they cause conflict with the present company's business policies. On top of that, in terms of employers, it is more secure to stay in the same company whole lives. Settling in one company lets employers unnecessary to move to another place. In 2019, the Tokyo laboratory has conducted research with 300 employees. The researcher made them choose between clinging to one job with a stable life and various jobs with movable life. Therefore, more than 90 percent of the subjects chose the former for various reasons like saving money for moving. For instance, my father has been working for only one company in his life. Hence, my family has not moved to other places. Similarly, I and my younger brother always attended the same school which made us feel comfortable. Besides, as my father's position at work becomes higher, his salary proportionately increased noticeably. Therefore, our family could feel stable thanks to my father's static company. To summarize, I definitely agree with the statement that it is realistic for people to work for only one company or the same boss all of their lives. First off, companies prevail to get their own employees. Second off, working for only one company makes the employees stable in their lives.
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