Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to spend time with family than to spend time at work. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

For most people, spending time plays a significant role in their life. Some people might think that it is more important to spend time at work than to spend time with family because they think it is all about money. I, however, agree with the statement for two reasons. To begin with, people can have good personalities. It is commonly observed that there are so many families cannot even have a meal together since each members of the family have to do their work; father go to the office, mother do households and children go to the school. However, it is all about relationship with family. This is because, it drives people to have better personalities. From my experience, I was really introvert person, which made me have a meal alone in the school. Although I was good at study and sprots, I did not tell peers to count me in. However, spending time with my family, such as learning how to express my mind and method having brave, I could easily get along with friends of mines last semester. This shows that spending time with family is crucial. On top of that, spending time with family enable people to live a happier life than others are. It is obvious that humans are social animals, which makes people find themselves from others’ views, so they get critics if they had mistakes. Indeed, it is only family that encourage and cheer them up despite of their failures and faults. Therefore, they can live a better life with their family members’ support systems. In 2020, Seoul National University conducted a study with 1000 people. 50 percent of the people usually spent time with their family, while the others of the people did not spend time with their family. Surprisingly, the 50 percent of the people who spend time with their family were usually happy in comparison to the others. In this regard, happier life is acquired by family. For these reasons, I firmly agree with the statement for the reasons that I have mentioned above.
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