TPO- 54 Governments should spend more money in support of the arts than in support of athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. v. 1

In general,both art and sports activities bring welfare and benefit in society, therefore, I think the government should allocate a budget for arts and athletics, however,I believe it's better to spend much more money on athletics and Olympic teams which has a great effect on country as a result of the important role of Olympics games among countries. I feel this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following essay. first of all, it is significant athletics such as state-sponsored Olympic teams deserve more money budget since they can return more money back to the country, consequently the budget would not waste, in other words,it can be act as an important source of income for country, above all champion of athletics is a national concept, it can bring respect for country by winning the competitions and getting the first prize! secondly, art is much more individual and has an indirect effect on country which in comparison to sport is less national, in addition,art is also a broad field that makes it hard to determine which part of it to support by the government however there are a lot of private companies sponsoring many artists, each of them support a part of art. on the other hand, funding of the government for athletics can lead to a healthier society and it can motivate many more persons to become an athlete. in conclusion, sport and champions as a national aspect , necessary for the health of society and one of the sources of income have an important role in our county and I believe government should spend more money on it.
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