“Some people like to do adventurous and difficult jobs at their work or school while others prefer to do easy work. Which do you prefer and why? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.”

It is controversial whether doing adventurous and difficult jobs at work or school is better than doing easy work. Some people might prefer to choose easy works because they can spend more of their time enjoying their life like doing a leisure activity. I, however, completely prefer to try challengeable works for two reasons. To begin with, I can evaluate myself accurately. Most people become humble when they realize their limitations. From my experience, back in my university, I was remarkably good at studying compared to my classmates. In fact, I was a little arrogant. I decided to try the difficult course because I felt I was underestimating. At first, it doable to study in the class. However, a few days later, studying with gifted and talented seniors was utterly difficult. Therefore, I realized that I was quite arrogant and the knowledge that I had was nothing and I became humble. I decided to try my best but there were still a lot of tasks to finish and memorize. However, by getting help from the senior, I could improve my studying skills by facing my limitation. On top of that, I can achieve a landmark goal by trying adventurous works. Most people think that trying is worth it in just itself. In 2019, the Seoul education laboratory conducted an experiment with 200 students. They were divided into two groups. The first group was given challenging work while the second team was given easy work. Therefore, the second team could finish their task quickly and use their time freely. On the other hand, the first team kept on doing their work. Consequently, the first team had a sense of pride and achievement for what they have done while the second team felt fruitless. In terms of me, I had passed a very difficult English exam with a very high score because I tried an adventurous class. Therefore, I could achieve a landmark goal which makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. To sum up, I definitely prefer to do difficult work in school. First off, I can face my real ability. Second off, I can achieve a goal that is utterly hard.
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