“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Twenty years from now, people will spend less time cooking and preparing food than they do today. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.”

It is controversial whether twenty years from now, people will spend less time cooking and preparing food than they do today. Some people might disagree with the statement because people in the future will be caring more about their health. I, however completely agree with the statement for two reasons. To begin with, there will be a more evolved form of healthy instant food. Most people have the prejudice of considering instant food unhealthy. According to the England food laboratory, they are producing organic frozen food which went through many ingredient investigations by numerous experts. To break the prejudice of unhealthy instant food or frozen food, the laboratory research workers are putting more effort into inventing many kinds of instant food which are healthy. Instant food is all about reducing cooking time within a few minutes. In terms of my mom, she is truly looking forward to the launch of healthy frozen food because she is sick of cooking almost half of the day. Indeed, most moms in the world have the same idea in this matter since they also have the right not to cook for a long time. On top of that, people will be busier in the future. With the way of cooking, many people do not have a choice but to cook for almost half of the day. To be specific, the common concept of people nowadays is all about developing societies or science fields that they have almost no time to prepare for a proper meal. To fulfill the idea of the people, many food scientists have been exerting to make pills that make people feel full enough. They can be taken in a few seconds and they are going to roll out within 20 years. For example, back in my high school, I was not that busy to prepare my meal. However, as I grew up and became an adult, I do not have enough time to prepare even meals compared to the past. It is true that as time goes by people become busier like me, to develop the world. Therefore, it is utterly factual that the pill is fairly needed especially, nowadays. To summarize, there is no reason to oppose the statement. First off, healthier frozen food will be produced. Second off, people do not have enough to consume their time cooking.
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