“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People who do not work because they have enough money are rarely happy. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

It is controversial whether people who do not work because they have enough money are rarely happy. Some people might disagree with the statement because people with enough money can use their time for entertainment and leisure activities. I, however, definitely agree with the statement for two reasons. To begin with, people will be able to learn to look after other people. Taking care of others is a behavior that is necessary when living a happy life together. For example, I was born in a wealthy family that I did not need to work. I decided not to work. However, my father has recommended me to work even though, I did not have any financial difficulties. Therefore, I had decided to work for one famous company. In the company, I found it really hard to cater to all the needs of my peers and boss. Finally, I was trained rigorously to look after others in my company and tailor for them for three years. Besides, I was happy with my life because I could get along well with other people thanks to working in the company. Consequently, I realized the reason why my dad let me work in the company despite any financial problems. On top of that, wealthy people can broaden their acquaintance. Owning broad acquaintances is quite beneficial and helpful most of the time. In 2019, the Seoul humanity laboratory conducted a survey with 1,000 people living in Seoul. The researchers asked them whether having broad acquaintances is useful in their lives. 90 percent of the citizens have answered “yes”. From my experience, I have broadened both perspectives and connections through working. I have gotten a lot of help from my connections. For instance, the connections helped me to trample out of the difficulties whenever I had problems. Therefore, these benefits and happiness are gifts that anyone cannot buy with money. To sum up my points, there are no reasons to agree with the statement. First off, working in a company, wealthy people who lived inside a bubble are enabled to learn to care about others' perspectives. Second off, people will be able to broaden their personal connections which are so valuable that cannot be bought with money.
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