“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to do one project first and then begin to do another than to do several projects at the same time.”

It is controversial whether it is better to do one project first and then begin to do another than to do several projects at the same time or not. Some people might think that working on several works at the same time is better because they can save time. I, however, definitely agree with the statement for two reasons. To begin with, I can manage my projects meticulously. Being meticulous in doing projects, people can have a better outcome. For example, I cling to do my projects sequentially because I can work on them more meticulously. On the other hand, my best friend named Danny adhered to several projects at the same time. I always had told him to follow my method of doing homework because he usually seemed to finish his homework with many mistakes. One day, our professor handed in two assignments which is very important for our credit. As usual, I worked on my assignments sequentially and meticulously. Therefore, I did not make any single mistake in my projects. However, Danny kept on his weird method of doing his work despite my continuous critics of the method. As might be expected, he could get neither a good score nor high credits. On the contrary, I got a good grade and a credit thanks to my method of working on my projects sequentially. On top of that, I do not feel confused doing projects when finishing them sequentially. In schools, there are teachers of many different majors, and each of them handed in different homework. In 2019, the Seoul education laboratory conducted a study with 200 university students. They were divided into two groups and were given two different assignments. The first group was required to finish their assignments sequentially, while the second group does the two works simultaneously. Consequently, it came out that the first team finished their works organized while the second team had serious confusion doing their work because they were mixed. From my experience, as I have stuck to doing my assignments in a regular sequence, I could not only concentrate more on my work but also had any confusion while finishing them. To sum up my points, there is no doubt that it is much better to do projects on regular orders for two reasons. First off, I will be able to deal with my assignments without any single mistakes. Second off, finishing works sequentially, I will not be confused with the different topics.
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