“Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Because modern life is complex, young people should have the ability to plan and organize. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

It is controversial whether young people should have the ability to plan and organize due to their complicated lives or not. Some people might think that planning and organizing is not a good option for young people because it is not practical. I, however, definitely agree with the statement for two reasons. First of all, young people can save time by planning. Second, organizing makes people’s minds simple To begin with, people can use their time efficiently if they plan. Planning helps get work done quickly. From my experience, when I was a university student, I had an utterly busy and complicated life. Since I did not have enough family affairs, I needed to make a living not only for my university tuition fee but also my brother’s tuition fee for high school. I had to combine doing university works and earning money. One day, a professor gave me an important writing assignment. I needed to try my best to get a good grade. The writing assignment had a scholarship at stake. Therefore, I made up my mind to set up a plan for my writing assignment. I wrote down an outline first. Then I started to write down the essay. As a result, I could not only have finished writing swiftly but also got a good grade. I got a scholarship for a year. In this sense, planning makes people save time in complicated lives. Moreover, people can simplify their minds by organizing. There are times when people need to refresh their minds on account of a complex lives. For example, there was a young career woman named Eliza. She had a lot of tasks to do due to her complicated and busy life at work. Her boss always gave her various kinds of works. She was always confused and busy of the requirements of boss. Therefore, she decided to organize her life. She took a leave of absence for a month. She went on a trip and relieved her stress. She also got to the main home to meet her families. Consequently, the more she organized her life the more she could escape from her complicated her life. A month later, when she came back to her work, she could simply obey to her boss without any complaint. In this manner, organizing is helpful when a people have a complex life. To summarize my points, I completely agree with the statement. Young people with an intricate life can save time and make their minds simple by planning and organizing their lives.
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