Topic: A teacher who is serious and strict is more effective than a teacher who is humorous and easy going. Do you agree or disagree?

It is controversial whether the teachers should be humorous and easy going or serious and strict. Some people might think that the teachers should be serious because students usually obey to their teachers when they are strict. I, however, firmly think that the humorous teachers are much better than the strict teachers. First, easy going teachers can help students not to be distracted from their studies. Second, easy going teachers could gain more faith from their students. To begin with, the students can be more focused on their studies in the classroom when they have a humorous teacher. Most students incline to prefer the friendly teachers. To be specific, back in my high school life, I had a fairly amiable teacher. She was really friendly and tried to make study interesting. She totally changed the prejudice of a boring classrooms. She made games with science and made unique terms easier to be understood. The more the teacher tried, the more me and my classmates concentrated on our studies. She not only renewed our confidence, but also led to a can-do spirit. Consequently, our class could enjoy the studies which general people would think that is difficult and complicated. Moreover, students usually obey to the teacher who are not strict. Most people assume that the students will obey to serious teachers because they are scary. To illustrate my point, I definitely think that most students will prefer friendly teachers. To be more detailed, when I was an elementary student, I had a strict and sensitive teacher who does not like noisy things. Our classroom atmosphere was harsh. Therefore, as might be expected, most students did not like her on account of her sensitiveness. On the other hand, my friend, Mary’s teacher was significantly a friendly teacher who listens to the students’ opinion sincerely. Most of her students obeyed to her because she was not always frowning at the students like my teacher. Students usually are trust a teacher who can socialize with them and humorous. To summarize, I wholly think that the amiable teachers are better than the strict teachers. The first reason is that the students can be more concentrated on their studies. The other reason is that the easy going teacher usually gets more credit from their students.
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