Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The extended family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles) is less important now than it was in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

No one can deny that there are both positive and negative aspects of the importance of large family members. If I were forced to chose, I would definitely with the statement that extended family is less valuable these days. I feel this way for two main reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, nowadays most people have jobs and businesses. This day is globalization time, so it is not necessary to stay all family members together, so they are staying anywhere in the worlds as they think suitable for them. In contrast, a few decades ago people were mostly dependent on agriculture, so they stay in an ig family big families. I want to admit my opinion on this has been profoundly influenced by my personal experience. When I was at school level, we had 20 family members because our main occupation was agriculture, so all of my uncles and father were staying together. Nowadays, all family members stay different parts of the country and two brother is staying different country, these all things happened due to their own business, job and education. As a result, it is less important nowadays for every family member to stay together. Therefore, due to these facilities, it is not necessary to stay the whole family together. Secondly, technological inventions make people's life easier to talk with each other. Many types of inventions such as mobile phones, computers, and other apps connect the whole world as one county. Moreover, a family member can easily talk to every moment's update with another family member, so they feel good and secure. Therefore, people do not hesitate to stay away from other family members. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. When I was five years old my father wants to join my school in the city area but due to the lack of transportation facilities they did not send me there but after my schooling,they were easily convinced to sent me far from my home. That was only possible due to technological inventions. We can easily talk any time by phone, so me and my family members feeling I am with them. Hence, due to these inventions, I got a opportunity to stay away from home. In light of the above mentions reasons, I strongly believe that joint family is not more important these days as compared to the past days. This is because, most of the people are busy in their own profession at different places and because technology connects all family members anytime from anywhere.
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