Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the present era, there is a wide range of amenities available throughout every corner of the world than few decades ago. Personally, I believe that present activity is far more comfortable than that of past generations activity. I fell this way for two main reasons, which I will elaborate in the following paragraphs. To begin with, the access of easy and convenient transportation system makes activity more reliable, since in our grandparents time there was not available such varieties of means of transportations like automobiles, air transportation. For example, In my grandmother's point,he had a need to wait weeks even month to go to the capital city of our country from our village, however, nowadays we can reach within some hours due to access to convenient transportation. Secondly, at the resent point, we have a better education system and we can get a good education throughout the nation. However, my grandfather once had said that he need to walk two hours to reach school daily. And also he had told me that they could not have a choice of school, since schools are sparsely distributed. Nowadays children should not walk even ten to fifteen minutes to reach school and children have the option to select one of their best institutes. So today's children have better and convenient souls than before in terms of education. In conclusion, in recent times, children have access to verities of amenities which makes their growth less challenging than ever before.
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