Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is beneficial for the public to know celebrities’, such as musicians’ or sportsmen’s, political views.

The reading and the lecture are both about the reading culture. The professor, in the reading,says that reading culture has been declined due to three main reasons, but the lecturer against it. First of all, the author mentions that the declination of intellectual inspirations makes reading less. The lecturer refutes this claim. He says that reading books is not being more intellectual, since reading math, science and history would provide stimulation towards the imagination, however, reading only literature could not be intellectual. Secondly, the author in the reading suggests that reading culture declined because of low qualities of the book. Indeed, he posits that readers transformed to other entertainment activities. The lecturer casts doubt on this argument. He points that everything would change over time, and the reading culture transferred to others like listening to music, watching movies,and so on. They also enhance intellectual thinking . Finally, the author argues that the number of readers declined and the output of the number of great books drop-down, since publication refuses to publish. The lecturer, on the other hand, denies by raising the point that the problem is on the writing styles of the writer rather than the reader because modern writers write in a complex way, which needs more effort to understand.
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