Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects than to specialize in one specific subject. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

No one can deny that there are both positive and negative aspects of gaining knowledge of a variety of subjects or expert in one particular field. If I were forced to chose, I would definitely prefer the better to have expert in one particular subject. I feel this way for two main reasons, and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs. To begin with, easy to get into a particular field. Nowadays, people are choosing their carrier in one field rather than getting knowledge of every subject because they can easily compete in this field and get job. Furthermore, people are enjoying their work rather than facing lots of problems every day from different subjects, so they can easily handle the problems related to their field. I want to admit my opinion on this matter has been profoundly influenced by personal experience. We are three brothers, one of my brother is expert in the medical sector of oncology and another brother has been completed his education in English, Maths,and History. My brother who is expert in oncology only got job in one of the reputed medical in Nepal but another brother has no specific expertise fields. As a result, he is still facing job security problems, so he is jobless now. Therefore, expertise in one particular subject help to get job easily in their interested institution. Secondly, easy to become famous in an particular field and they can contribute new things to society. In our society,only an few people are famous and earn lots of money because they have expertise in one field rather than many fields. Also, many world-famous people have strong knowledge of one particular subject matter. My brother experience is a compelling example of this. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, one of my brother who studied good knowledge in oncology earned lots of money as well as he is famous in this field. He travels foreign every week for the treatment of this field patient. Therefore, he is also famous all over the world. In addition to this, he had published lots of good research works, which are helping society. If he did not choose one field, he would not becomes famous well as earning lots of money. In light of the above mentions reasons, I strongly believe that gaining knowledge knowledge in one specific field is better than in any fields. This is because it helps to get their interested job anywhere and they can easily well familiar in this globalized world.
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