Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It is critically important to visit new places whatever by taking a tour mentor or without tour guide. Personally, I believe that visiting with travel guide is convenient and comfortable. I fell this way for two main reasons, which I will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with, it helps to save our precious time, since when we visit with a guide he helps us to guide properly and we reach our destination on time. If we go to visit ourselves, we would not find suitable path to reach our visiting place, so it might take long time than that of our planning.I have a compelling example from my real life experience. When I was at university at that time me and my colleagues made a plan to visit Annapurna trekking, which is one of the best tourist area in my country. At that time, we had gone without tourist guide and we could not detect easy and short track of that site, so we had stayed one night in an jungle. Then we went towards our destination that took 4 days. Also, we could not know any importance of many historical monuments found on the way. When we reached final destination of the visiting site and I asked to other people over there they said that they reached there with in one days with the help of tourist guide. I was shocked at that time because we spent four days. Furthermore, they described me some vital places on the way of that place. Even If we had taken a tourist guide, We would not have spent such long time, and our travel might be more enjoyable and comfortable. Secondly, It helps to enhance our knowledge about visiting place, since almost visiting mentor is knowledgeable about the historical background and religious aspects of that area. Tourist guide describes the various monuments and natural beauty of nature with an fascinating way. For instance, last year we visited Gosaikund, which is one of the prominent religious place of Hinduism, with a travel mentor. He explains everything about location, religious background, and some vital aspects of such spectacular place. When I returned back from that tour I can describe that place with small details to other. If we had not brought a guide, we would not have known precise details of such place. This example demonstrates the significance of the tourist guide. In conclusion, when we visit new places tourist guide play a vital role because It helps to minimize our time waste, and because it enhances the knowledge of visiting places. 老師點評 Sample Answer: Actually there are two main ways of travelling – travelling on your own and being led by a tour guide in group. Sometimes when we plan for a trip, it is always hard for us to choose between these two methods. Meanwhile, I would prefer be led by a tour guide while I am travelling around. There are several benefits of being led by someone who is acquainted with the place you go and of being in a group. Being led by a tour guide in group can offer us convenience during our vacation. Usually we are not familiar with the landscape, the direction and the customs of our destination. Sometimes if we travel abroad, we may even know nothing about the language and thus cannot turn to anyone for help. I still remember when I travelled to Italy; I knew no Italian at all and found it hard to stay in this foreign country, let alone enjoy myself! Finally I found a travel agency and then followed the group. The tour guide offered me a lot of convenience during my stay in Italy and finally I went back home safe and sound. In addition, following a group also guarantee a deeper understanding of the culture in your destination. Almost all the tour guides have received formal training in the local history and culture. Actually every time we stay in a group with a tour guide, he will always tell you the customs and the detailed history of a site of interests. Therefore, by staying with the group and listening to the tour guide, we will learn more about our destination without much effort. Moreover, being in a group with a tour guide will make you safe during the whole vacation. Actually this point of view is the most important in my point of view. The tour guide is familiar with the country or the city we visit and thus we can hardly get lost. Staying in group makes us less likely to be focused by some bad people. All of us want a safe tour. As a result, the best way to guarantee safety is to stay in group with a tour guide. All in all, thought we might lose some freedom by staying in a group with a tour guide, this way of travelling still can be well-rounded because it offers us convenience, deeper understanding and safety. Under this circumstance, I want to state that the best way of travelling is to be with a group and to be guided by a person who is familiar with our destination.
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