are shopping online today than ever before. Why do people choose to shop this way? Are there any disadvantage to shopping online?

Generally speaking,I believe that online shopping has made our life simpler.I feel this way for 2 reasons,which i will explore in the following paragraphs. To begin with,There are so many shopping sites are available now a days from where people can shop anything just by sitting at home like from clothing to furniture to gadgets and what not?Till few years ago people had to take out the time from their busy schedule for going out and shop.My personal experience is a compelling illustration of this.For the past years I used to go to every shop and had to see if I could find the cloths according to my expectation,but now i can just search for it according to my need and i get so many options which is quite time saving as well. Furthermore,Online shopping has made shopping affordable too by giving discounts on all kind of festivals that way people are more happier with these discounts.In addition,I am from a city which is not a metro and i believe that in my city clothes are very old fashioned and it takes very long time for a market to get new trendy collection therefore I prefer online shopping. In conclusion.I strongly feel that online shopping should be preferred more.This is because it saves time and energy and sometimes money too.
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