Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It goes without saying that visiting places with a guide is the optimum way to travel compared with a tour guide. In fact, nowadays, many people are keen on enrolling in a tour with a guide in order to have unmemorable voyages. In my assumption, traveling with a tour guide is beneficial for several aspects. I'd put forwards some grounds for bolstering my choice. To start with I can say that people will gain a big deal of background data about the certain places they are attending. As a matter of fact,it is really helpful to get informed about the historical heritage or scientific essence of your attending places during a cruise.For instance,my brother recently went to Egypt with an excursion guide. In fact, that first time when he attended that country, he was with his friends. It goes without saying that these two experiences differed from each other a lot. During the trip, he not only saw Cairo and pyramids but also visited the historical museums and get acquainted with several ancient stories and phenomenons regarding the ancient building of Cairo and their scientific meaning. Hence, I can claim that traveling with a guide people will advance their sustainable knowledge about various places. Furthermore, the tour guide will lead all the process of the tour and still be on time. These days, time plays a crucial role in everyone's life. People give preference to the guided trips because this way every single activity will be planned and they won't waste a minute. I'd put forward my experience as a vivid example. Last winter, he a very limited time for Christmas celebrations so we were concerned about the trip length and time. But, we found that amazing tourism company that we even managed to have two separate tours in nearby towns. In virtue of this, I can claim that tour guides are good at managing activities and they will definitely organize the visit even in a minimum space of time. In a conclusion,I can claim that visiting various places with a guide can be very productive and efficient for time-saving and learning about the cultural heritage around the world.
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