Grades encourage students to work harder at school. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Do you think a better grade means great accomplishments in academic performance? It is a question we should carefully examine in our modern world because low-grade holders in school also did great performance in their real life. However, grade evaluation is necessary for school to make consistent labor. Personally, I believe that grades make student active and encourage to do hard work. First of all, It helps to get a better understanding of the academic subjects because students do much labor to get a better grade in their class. Also, we know that if a student gets a good grade, he privileged as intellegent student, so that inspires to student toward the hardworking habit. I have a compelling example of this from my own life experience. When I was at school level at that time I did much hard work and I get an outstanding grade after that most people looked me as an intelligent and brilliant student, which encouraged me to study more, and I was able to grab knowledge from my academic field. This example illustrates grade is how important to read more and more. Secondly, It helps to get a great academic accomplishment because if a student achieves low grade he persistently does hard work in order to get better score. Furthermore, When a student failed in a subject at that time he read carefully to maintain a higher grade. For instance, my younger brother got an extremely low grade in mathematics in his mandatory examination of elementary school then he cut off his gaming time and practiced math finally he got good grade in his final examination. Even if there had no grade system, he did not do such hard work. From this we can say that grade provoke student to do hard work. To sum up, grades help to enhance knowledge and lead to the path of academic success. It plays a crucial role in student's life to achieve great goals in their life.
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