Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people nowadays do not give enough time to helping their communities. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I contradict the idea that young people aren't making an appropriate effort for supporting communities. In fact, youth extremely care about the environment these days and they are eagerly participating in the processes of helping their communities. In my assumption, generally,young people do lots of volunteering work during their free time, also they create certain projects to assist their surroundings. Which is more, To start with, I can say that most young people especially students and pupils dedicate lots of time to extracurricular activities. As a matter of fact, many students enthusiastically sign up to become a part of a whole company or organization that provides economical changes or environmental improvements. For instance, I can put forward my experience as a vivid example. I constantly involve myself in volunteering programs in our Youth Center which is overall concentrated on taking care of the environment and the town. As I'm a member of staff of receiving applicants, I deal with choosing between some people because of the huge amount of volunteers and applicants that are excited to be enrolled in the jobs. Hence, I can state that students are extremely concerned about their environmental conditions and habitats so that they accomplish voluntary work very intensively. Furthermore, young people are keen on creating and producing projects in order to support their surroundings. As a matter of fact, nowadays students are so interested in running workshops and producing the resources that the planet provides humans. Up-to-date people create certain employment plans and design technological tools and machines in order to boost business. For example, last summer the Sevan Seaside Startup program held fantastic days. The company gains the ideas of young people. Then the specialist collects and discusses it then they nominate winners and provide them a great deal of money for starting their business. The winner was a young boy who designed a robot for easing the job of caring for animals especially cows in agricultural cares. This was a phenomenon and serious companies encouraged the idea. In virtue of this,I can claim that young people use their creative thinking to help the community. In a conclusion,I can state that young people definitely play an essential role in our community and they improve it by committing their free time and bright mind.
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