It is better to stay with parents or move out at early age. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

It goes without saying, that it is favorable for children to separate from their parents at a young age. In fact, nowadays the majority of people in their eighteens and older control their living on their own.In my assumption, leaving a parental house can make core changes in people's life. I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. To start with, living alone will make people learn how to be responsible. It will force them to manage their own expenses and value your job even more. As a matter of fact, people should have a sustainable income for fulfilling all the facilities for their house or apartment. So, they'll start operating their salary without making waste. For instance, my best friend moved from her parental house in order to study for her favorable university program. At first, she was having trouble dealing with a shortage of money in the middle of the month. But,after some time she started to pay the bills and do other chores she changed her behavior towards certain things in order to save money. She stopped buying the items which are not needed at the exact time and purchased only essentials for herself. Hence, this was helpful for her own self, because she started to take responsibility for her own living . Furthermore, living alone you will have more spare time during the day. It goes without saying, family members and parents also take your time for various things, which is not the same during living alone. I'd put forward the recent article I read about the differentiation of people living alone and with a family. The experiment was made for rating the students' effectiveness and productiveness in preparing for certain classes. According to the article, the group of students who lived alone managed to accomplish assignments and task more earlier than people living with a family. To the question about their schedule, the fast students answered that living alone they had all day for themself so they can concentrate and work without interruptions. In virtue of this, I can claim that practically people who live alone have the benefit of extra hours for themselves. In a conclusion, I can claim that it is evolutionary for people to depart from their families and starting life alone from the grounds stated above.
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