Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In the past it was easier to identify what type of career or job would lead to a secure, successful future. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

It goes without saying, that choosing a valuable and decent job for professional development was harder before compared with modern reality. I completely agree with this notion and I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my choice. To begin with, the main reason for this point is the continuous improvement of the human mind and abilities which leads to forming up-to-date industries. As IT programming boosted and entered our lives, people started to be extremely interested in it while choosing their career by giving a high preference to that field compared with traditional spheres. For example, Apples, is the dominant coorporation of creating innovative devices. It goes without saying that this company became the most successful nowadays, so many other companies follow their example by investing money and efforts on making innovative gadgets and tools to make people's life easier.In addition, also one of the approvals is not only the founding of corporations but also the demand from people for technologies and innovative ideas. Hence, people mind is creating new ideas constantly, so people strive for upcoming spheres in order to become fortunate in the future. Furthermore,
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