Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Providing Internet access is just as important as other services, such as building roads, so governments should offer Internet access to all of their citizens at no cost. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I'm convinced that the Internet should always be available like other facilities in our environment and be fulfilled without profit. As a matter of fact, people pay a great deal of money every month in order to be connected to the Internet nowadays. In my assumption, the infinitive existence of the Internet is a necessary thing, because it contains a huge part of people's study, also it is the only method to always stay in touch with the world. To start with, many students need the Internet in order to get a proper education. In fact, these days students use the Internet infinitely because generally,they accomplish all the tasks and even classes via the Internet. I'd put forward my experience as a vivid example of my choice. During the pandemic in 2020, all the educational institutions were locked to control the virus from spreading. In evidence, this situation made my college also work online. I participated in all the classes via Zoom or Hang Out Internet Apps, to continue my study properly. In addition, I created my assignments using online resources from various websites. It goes without saying that paying for the Internet was essential because during all these months I couldn't manage my studies and schedule if I wouldn't have Internet access at my home. Hence, I can claim that the Internet plays a very essential role in students' life. Furthermore, people need connection in order to stay in tune with the News and get important information about basic things without purchasing Internet entry. In my opinion, year after year Internet and social media becomes more active and up-to-date and gives their place to TV and radio. In fact, many crucial situations are published via Facebook or Twitter by famous journalists or even political parties. For instance, my friends were informed about the coming thunder in their area, and it helped them to get ready for the shocking changes.If they would not have an Internet approach at that time and my friend would not look at social media, the situation will become a disaster. Thanks to the fast information about this emergency, they managed to stay safe and keep their property and home essentials secured. In virtue of this, I can state that the Internet is a mandatory tool to keep at home to always receive information in case of emergencies. In a conclusion,I can claim that government should provide the Internet for everyone without costing money so youth will receive core data about their studies and enroll in their classes, and people will get fresh News and obtain guidance for certain urgent situations.
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