Q. Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what type of neighbor is the best to have?

In my opinion the best type of neighbors are they who calm, and helpful. I can put forward some grounds for bolstering my opinion. Firstly calm neighbor is a big luck. Because it is very uncomfortable to sit at home tired after work and listen how your neighbor shouts out loud, makes conflict with his wife or watches TV with full sound. For example my neighbor everyday morning use hammer, I don’t know why but he uses hammer every morning from nine to ten o’clock, and he disturbs me to sleep. After it when he leaves house his children start to run at home break everything and play football at home. In the afternoon their grandmother returns home and starts to shout until night, when all members at home wife and husband start a big conflict and I have to listen their problems. This makes my life really inconvenient disturbs me to sleep early at night. So this is main reason why I think that neighbor must be calm. Secondly It will be an advantage to have helpful neighbor. When you lonely at home and need help the first person whom you can ask for help, it is neighbor. To my delight, I have that one neighbor who always ready to help me. I have very bad characteristics I always forget to take keys with me. I want to give a common example from my life. When my family members lock the door and go to work. I can not enter home because I forgot my keys at home, and my neighbor every time invites me to go his house. He makes dishes we eat together talk about everything until my parents return home. This is typical example of helpful neighbor. Taking everything into consideration we can state that we all really need calm and helpful neighbors in our life.
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